About Satellite Wagering
05165191Unlike casino gambling where you're betting against the house, horse racing is a pari-mutuel venture. You're betting against everybody else who's betting. Satellite Wagering facilities provide global betting facilities for horse races broadcast live around the world.

All the money that everybody wagers goes into a big pot. If you win, you get a piece of that pot.

The Jockey Club simply take a modest cut of the total amount wagered. We have no interest in the outcome of the races. We just want everyone to have a great time.


General Info

Jockey Club Hours

Open 10:00 AM Wed-Sun
Closed Mon & Tue

Night Racing:
Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Admission: $5 General Admission $8 Turf Club Admission Parking: Free year round

CalRacing Club

The CalRacing Club is an admission-based players club available at 21 satellite wagering facilities throughout California. CalRacing Club members earn admission credits when they scan their CalRacing Club card at participating facilities. 

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Private Parties

Did you know the new Jockey Club has two modern private party rooms?

Full bar, TV's and more. Perfect for your next event.

Getting Here

Getting here has never been easier. Our directions page includes Google Maps door-to-door directions component, detailed driving directions from local areas, public transportation information and more.

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